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This is the review of my PicoBong Kiki from Babeland.

Kiki is PicoBong's C-Vibe, is designed to stimulate the clit with vibrations of varying speed and intensity, with a selection of vibration patterns. It is also waterproof to the depth of one meter, making them great for shower time fun or even use in the pool!
The shaft of the vibrator (every part that should be touching your girl parts during use) is made from FDA approved silicone and is 100% body safe. The cap on the battery pack is made of hard plastic. Kiki has a very nice texture- smooth and supple silicone which has just enough velvety feel to create some light friction during use.

Like all of PicoBong's toys, this one has a beautiful and streamlined design which is pleasing to the eye. If it were sitting around somewhere, you might not immediately know that it is a sex toy, which is a good thing!
The shaft is reasonably thick with a curve toward the end leading up to a flattened tip. The length and thickness of the shaft is very effective for stimulating the whole vulva and the unique shape of Kiki's tip means that not only can you keep your wrist in a comfortable position while still getting direct clit stimulation, you can lay the tip flat against your clit and send vibrations through the whole hood and surrounding area or you can tilt it at a slight angle to focus the sensation in a smaller area.
The size is really perfect for this type of toy- it is small enough to fit easily in the palm of your hand and very lightweight so no matter how long you are at play it will still be comfortable to hold.

It comes in three colors- hot pink, bright blue, and jet black. I really love the blue coloration and pink, while the black seemed a little plain to me. I ended up with the pink one and it looks just as great in person as it does in the photos.
Kiki is very easy to use- all you need to do is insert one triple-A battery and you're ready to start! The word 'PicoBong' is written across this toy and in the P is a minus sign and in the B is a plus sign. In order to turn Kiki on press the B. You can press hold it down to increase the intensity and hold the P will do the opposite. By pressing on either you can change the vibration pattern. It has many levels from very mild and light stimulation to pretty high and intense.

Care and Maintenance:
This is one easy to clean vibrator! The silicone shaft is completely sterilizeable and won't absorb any fluids- you can wash it thoroughly with soap and water, and then take a soapy cloth and wipe off the battery cap. Since it's waterproof you can make sure the cap is securely attached and then wash away with no worries. The entire toy is smooth without any features that would complicate cleaning. Easy job!

Each Kiki comes in a package the color of the item inside. Mine was the pink model, and the box is a reasonable size- a big bigger than the toy but not too large to slip into most purses. It clearly displays the one inside so you get to see the goods right away.

It does a good job of showcasing them but is not meant as longterm storage- because the front is clear plastic so you wouldn't have discretion on your side.

The package comes with a one year warranty for your PicoBong product, so be sure to hold on to that! Until I received my Kiki I hadn't been aware more than one company was doing this, but it is becoming something I keep my eye out for- after all, what could be better than a guarantee that your toy is going to be in fine working condition? No more worries about lemon sex toys, that's for sure.

5 (out of 5 stars)

3 (out of 5 stars)

Noise Level:
Whisper quiet hum, barely can be heard, virtually silent from behind a closed door.

Very strong for its size, fabulous design that suits its purpose, quiet

When I first opened my PicoBong Kiki I was delighted with how soft and smooth it was- the texture is definitely firm enough to apply decent pressure but the texture of the surface was almost velvety in my hands. It feels like the shaft of my Lelo toy.

I applied a small amount of lube to the tip and turned it on low, teasing around my clit and labia without direct stimulation. The light vibrations got me wet enough to lube the shaft of the toy and I turned it around so the tip slanted away from my clit, gliding it over my vulva and teasing myself with it, slowly turning up the intensity of the vibrations.

Once I started getting close to orgasm, I turned my Kiki so the tip was slanting toward me and slowly drew it up over my clit so that the natural curve of the toy pulled back my hood and focused directly on my clit.

I climaxed hard and faster than I usually do, all without trying any of the pulsating or escalating vibration settings! I am definitely keeping this one at my bedside and trying out the other features.

Of all the toys I have tried on my clit, PicoBong is the definite winner so far- it is shaped perfectly to get the job done and it is one of the rare affordable and discreet vibrators which is made of body safe silicone. Better than any bullet!

This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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